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The Jurong Bird Park is popular for its different species of birds from across the globe. Have a go at the Penguin Coast and watch cute little Penguins in their natural habit. This land spreads across 17,000 square feet. The Penguin Coast hosts 5 species of penguins who are brought from the Arctic to Africa. The penguin feeding sessions are a must watch. You can also go to the World of Darkness, which hosts nocturnal birds like the Great Grey Owl. It is Asia’s first nocturnal bird house which uses reverse lighting for the feeling of darkness in broad daylight. The Birdz of Play playground and The Waterfall Aviary are also major attractions here.


The Jurong Bird Park is spread across 50 acres of land.

It hosts thousands of species of birds from across the globe.

Watch the rare Great Grey Owl here.

The Waterfall Aviary is a must visit


2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925

Official Website


Operating Hours


Peak Days and Time

Weekends 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Ideal Duration

2.5 Hours


By Train- Nearest MRT Station is Boon Lay Station. Take Exit C and head towards the Boon Lay Bus Interchange.

By Car- Take the highway AYE towards Changi and take Exit 17 towards Jln Boon Lay/Jurong Pier Road. Drive 1.6km along Jln Ahmad Ibrahim 

By Bus- Take 194 from Boon Lay Interchange. Alight at the bus stop named " JURONG BIRDPARK" (22011)




28 Reviews
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2015-08-06 03:49:23


2015-08-10 04:16:39

jack langer

"This is a wonderful place to visit in Singapore particularly if you have kids. The park is quite vast (hilly terrain type) and though they have a Tram ride to take you around the park."

2015-08-10 04:19:05

George Stefen

"Jump in a cab or catch a bus. Its a really good park done in classy Singapore style and very beautiful and educational. Kids will delight in the experience."

2015-08-10 04:21:21

Alistare Michael

"Come prepared to walk a lot - there is a helpful tram which we didn\'t take and regretted later, the park is great for children, we were part of some of the shows and they are very well done. The lory enclosure is a fun place to view colorful birds."

2015-08-10 04:23:37

Ian Brad

"Very worth seeing for a family with kids and they will learn to love the birds and nature. Everything is in smooth operation."

2015-08-10 04:25:39

Joe David

"Very enjoyable. Pretty crowded but worth it. Funny show with birds, a must see for children (very engaging). Good atmosphere."

2015-08-10 04:28:20

James Shane

"So many bird species to look at. We rode a tram that will take you to stops you can hop out to view different stations which you are more interested at. I guess what the park needs is more street shows of that sort."

2015-08-10 04:30:07

Gary Chris

"Great place to interact with nature and to learn about fauna. Kids really enjoy the day at this place, it is one of must visit place of Singapore."

2015-08-10 04:32:08

Stuart James

"A nice place for people who love to be part of nature .. Bird feeding is the most attractive stuff I found there where parrots would fly n come near to you .. Bird show and lots kind of birds ... A must visit .."

2015-08-10 04:34:29

Jos Ryan

"Very well maintained. Lots of species of birds. Very sweet staff. Worth every penny you pay to visit there."

2015-08-10 04:37:03

Steven Peter

"This happens to be an amazing place where you can find regular bird shows. The shows are organised in periodic intervals of time. It is a wonderful & scenic place for the children. There is toy train running inside the park."

2015-08-14 05:14:39

Brendon Devilliers

"Jurong Bird Park houses many species of Birds from all over the World . Layout of the Park , briefs about all Birds & their Habitat makes it a worthwhile visit . Live show with Birds is also a must see to watch playful Birds ."

2015-08-14 05:17:28

Dale Kane

"Visited Jurong Bird Park on 17 July 2015 and really enjoyed the trip. This place has a huge collection of exotic birds and it is worth a visit especially with the kids."

2015-08-14 05:20:13

Ross Duplessis

"The Bird show is fantastic and you can see so many flamingos & pelicans and parrots."

2015-08-14 05:23:15

Martin Duminy

"I see a lot of couple holding hand in here, you have to see the bird show or it\'s just a nice place with large park."

2015-08-14 05:25:22

Grant David

"We loved this place! Took the MRT from the city to the nearest station, then a bus to the Park."

2015-08-14 05:39:17

Corey Vernon

"The kids loved the Penguin enclosure and all the birds - but most of all, the water playground! So don\'t forget to pack swimming clothes and enjoy the experience!"

2015-08-14 05:43:24

Nathan Rilee

"Located in the western corner of Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park. It has a huge collection of exotic birds and is a place for birds lovers. "

2015-08-24 03:23:44

Peter Williams

" This park was fun. It has a large birdcage . (Rather than a birdcage, and like a wire mesh that covers golf) It also got a monorail facility. Also you can see the place where swimming penguins, because a large water tank also, it is also recommended to c"

2015-08-24 03:31:11

Kevin Wessley

"It\'s fun attraction for families and children, and is definitely worth a visit. Among the things to point out, in my opinion, is the arena where there are entertaining shows with trained birds and the monorail that allows you to see, or revisit, the whol"

2015-08-24 03:38:26

John Stefan

"Another great park in Singapore, although does not come with the zoo, but if time permits, you should look at it yourself. Particularly interesting are the free-flying colorful parrots, whose feeding is really fun and great photos possible. Avoid coming S"

2015-08-24 03:41:34

Peter Joyce

"Upon entering the hall. you can enjoy the jungle and colorful birds. We are a little away from the city center, you need to go by taxi, or the like."

2015-08-24 03:45:08

Peter George

"The birds eat the food directly from your palm, but was about scary, you can not experience in Japan, it was a good experience. The park is large, there are attractions easily, you can enjoy adult alone enough. "

2015-08-24 03:55:14

Tom Andrew

"There is also a large enclosure with king penguins, in which the optimal living conditions for these animals were created. The auditorium is air-conditioned and you can cool off."

2015-08-24 03:58:55

Tim Stuart

"You can also get off the course in two places position. The bird show, in advance, there is a mark from the front at the 10-row, and sit in there, you can get information and easy to participate in the show, get the seat! I had the wicket wheel at the sho"

2015-08-24 04:02:38

Eric Craig

"The Jurong Bird Park was really great. A Tropical jungle in the middle of the big city Singapore. The park is designed really great and make you feel really comfortable there. "

2015-08-24 04:05:44

Alex Boyd

"We went on tour! The largest of the garden world, freedom to flying birds is also a beautiful bird that has been collected from all over the world had been in free-range ...! ! Taka from Flamingo, whatever there was a wide variety of types to parakeet."

2018-06-25 01:14:11

Misbah Ghalib

"Product is good"