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It’s simple and hassle-free for you to book using SingaporeDeals4U.com. From our selected activities and tours, users can get some idea of the options available in Singapore. With No Cancellation Fees and the convenience of Cash On Delivery option allows you to change your mind any time. To make the deal sweeter for you SingaporeDeals4U.com provides free delivery of tickets and has 24 hours customer service based in Singapore.

SingaporeDeals4U.com is a website where you can book Day tours and Attraction Tickets in Singapore. We recognise the need of travellers who need advice and suggestion on what to do in Singapore once they are here. We have different products that can meet everyone’s needs

SingaporeDeals4U.com only focuses on selling Attraction Tickets and Day Tours in Singapore. For Hotel bookings you can try our band under Hotel-Geek If I’ve already booked my accommodation, can I still go for the experience?

Yes, Of course you can. We know that there are lots of choices over the internet to book Hotels. SingaporeDeals4U.com specializes in Singapore Tours and Day Tours. Our friendly staffs are there to help you plan your day in Singapore.

Our aim is to provide you information about what options are available in Singapore. The Combo packages have been created to suit the needs of different clusters and provide value for money. If you cannot find a suitable combo make your own and get discount on every purchase.

SingaporeDeals4U.com is a Singapore based Inbound Travel Agency registered with Singapore Tourism Board. Our aim is to provide online platform to distribute Singapore Day Activities, Tours and Attraction Tickets.

We have strict control on products appearing on our website. We take customers reviews seriously and would take immediate action if there is any feedback about a service or product.

Yes!! We are registered with the Singapore Tourism Board. Our Travel Agency number is TA02646.

We only sell products that have license to operate such activity by Singapore Government and related bodies. We regularly communicate with attractions to ensure our product and information is up-to-date and there is no misrepresentation. You can also refer to the reviews, references and social checks to make sure you are comfortable with the Tour product.

However, due to limited control over service providers; SingaporeDeals4U.com does not assume liability for anything that happens at during a Tour or visit to an Attraction. Guests and attractions enter into an agreement with each other and we are basically distributors of Travel related products.

We don’t provide any liability waiver at the moment. By booking a Travel Product on SingaporeDeals4U.com, you bear any risks like a regular traveller buying products directly with the Service Provider. Guests and Service Providers enter into an agreement with each other.

However, we will ensure to do our best to take appropriate action on feedback from customers. So if you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at contactus@SingaporeDeals4U.com

Just click on book it when viewing the offer. You will be asked to provide some contact information. So we can be in contact with you. You can choose to make payment using credit card or select the option to Cash On Delivery at the time of delivery of Tickets.

Yes. It’s better to have the booking Voucher or the Booking Ref. Number mentioned at top of Booking Voucher.

You can contact us using Phone, SMS, WhatsApp or by sending email. Please refer to Contact us section

For Attraction Tickets, the once the request is made you will get instant confirmation. For Day Tours, there is limited number of seats so we need to get confirmation from Tour Operator. This might take some times. However; we work closely with operators to give alternate options if one Tour is over booked for a certain date.

For Attraction tickets, we will give instant confirmation. For Day Tours, we will either confirm or decline your request within 24 hours. Once we have accepted your booking, you will receive an email with details about your booking. And you’re all set for a great experience!

Your credit card or Paypal account will hold the payment until your booking is confirmed by the Tour Operator. You will not be charged until the booking is confirmed. Once your booking is confirmed the amount will be deducted from your account.

Your credit card or Paypal account will release the funds it had on hold. You will not be charged for the booking and you will receive an email notification.

Yes, you can do that. You will be charged for every accepted booking. Therefore only do this if you are willing to see every booking enquiry through!

You can cancel a confirmed booking by contacting us using Email. If you have purchased Attraction Tickets, you can cancel the booking any time before collection of Tickets. Once the tickets have been collected it’s not possible to cancel anymore. For Day tours, since there are limited seats the Cancellation will be according to the Cancellation policy stated at the time of Booking

On our Home page, select the Category that suits your need and you will see a list of experiences in that destination. You can also search by Keyword among the many Travel products that we offer to our customers.

As we are expanding and finding more products to cater to your needs, if there’s something you would like to do in Singapore, please send us a suggestion to contactus@SingaporeDeals4.com and we will do our best to find it for you

On each experience page, you will find a calendar where you can check the availability of the product. If there is no mention means its available everyday with in the Opening Hoursn

If you find a lower price for the same tour or activity offered by the same host (priced in the same currency) within 48 hours of receiving a booking confirmation, we will match the price and credit the difference to you for future purchases in the form of a credit voucher.

You are still welcome to book the experience if you are happy with the price required for the minimum number of people. However, please bear in mind that sometimes the minimum people required might be set due to the nature of the activity and hence there will be a chance that the Operator won’t be able to fulfil the activity with only one person.

We are working to bring more flexibility to individual travellers, so join our newsletter and stay updated!

We will be happy to do that. Send an email to contactus@SingaporeDeals4U.com and we will be able to customise a tour for you.

This information can be found in the Terms and Conditions section on the website.

Yes, you can make a booking over the phone number listed in to Contact us section. SDGU is a complete online booking platform and will give you instant confirmation. We also offer 24 by 7 customer services via email & WhatApp. Our aim is to respond within 12 hours of inquiry.

The Day Tour operator will pick from almost all city Hotels in Singapore. However, it’s still better to inquire via email about the hotel that you are staying. That’s why the Hotel name is important when making a Booking request. The Free tickets delivery is available to Any Hotel in Singapore, without exception.

Take a look at the schedule to see which day the Tour Operates. If there is No schedule, means the Tour Operates Daily..

The times of departure or operation are found in the Description. Please note that departure times are subject to change and reconfirmation for any booked travel is required prior to departure.

Most tour operators do not pick up from private residences. You will need to provide the nearest major hotel to where you are staying, and enter these details as the pickup in your booking request. Alternatively you can make your way to the main departure point listed on the tour & activity information page under the Schedule Details section.

This depends on the travel service provider and will need to be asked directly to them on the day of the tour. Most travel service providers can drop you to a major hotel or city location, depending on their schedule on the day. You will need to check directly with them at the destination, prior to or on the day of travel..

The meeting point for the beginning of every travel service can be found in the Description of product. Normally we advise the customers to wait in the Lobby 15 minutes before the Tour Start Date.

Information about Passport and other related documents can be found in the description. There are Tours from Singapore to Malaysia; joining them you effectively leave Singapore and Enter Malaysia. You need your Passport and Immigration White card when joining this tour. If there is not mention of passport then it’s not require. For health condition, this is the requirement of customer to judge if their health is suitable for outdoor activities.

You can check the availability of a tour by looking at the schedule or/and description. Basically the tour operates the whole year. It’s just matter of availability for a specific date.

Our products can only be booked online and many deals don’t have any cancellation charges. It is recommended you pre book your travel service to avoid disappointment as many of our tours and products are popular, and can be sold out early.

Currently all our Tour products are available in English only. If another language is available, this will be mentioned in the Description section

Our tour & activity information pages are electronic and are only displayed on the web. You should find all the information you need about your desired travel product on these tour & activity Description pages. If there are other details you would like to know that are not specified anywhere on these pages, please contact us at Contactus@SingaporeDeals4U.com

You can receive a quote for any our products online at any time that suits you. Simple follow the instructions to book, enter the dates you desire to travel, the number of people required, and you will receive a live quote for that product on the website. If the quote is acceptable, please proceed onwards to book. All quotes given online are current and up to date.

Most of our products can only be booked 03 months in advance.

You can check the availability of a tour by looking at the schedule or/and description. Basically the tour operates the whole year. It’s just matter of availability for a specific date.

Yes, our tickets are Open-dated. You can use within a window of 01 month at least. The Tour products require a date, however; you can communicate via email and our customer service can work with you to ensure you can plan you trip in advance and there are no surprises.

Yes, there are discounts that apply to combo bookings.

Most day tours and sightseeing tours do not offer airport pick-ups. Singapore airport is well away from the city centre and tour operators cannot offer a pick-up service from these areas. There are tours operated by Changi Airport and if you contact us we can advise you on the tours and schedule and provide non-obligatory support on your requirement.

Some email internet providers can mark general booking emails such as those sent from SingaporeDeals4U.com as "spam" - please check your spam folder for previous email replies. If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails (such as replies from internet sites you have booked on) will go into a "spam" folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days and then your email system will automatically delete them.

The confirmation process depends upon the booking conditions. These are explained in the Additional Information field, located on the tour & activity information page. Most tours are confirmed at time of booking; however others will be advised to you within 12 hours. If confirmation or otherwise is not received within 24 hours, please contact us at Contactus@SingaporeDeals4U.com If our FAQs don’t answer any questions you might have, please feel free to get in touch with us in whatever way is most convenient to you. Call 0065 6718 6206 or Email Contactus@SingaporeDeals4U.com